About us

Jack Fresh is a clothing brand established in London, UK.

Our work is enhanced by the enduring values of authenticity, quality, responsibility, imagination, and fun.

We want people to experience comfortable clothing inspired by the United Kingdom’s traditions, customs, symbolism and diverse culture.

The United Kingdom’s national flag is the Union Jack, and the word Jack is embedded into the fabric of its society.

Jack is one of the most popular birth names in the UK and is also an archetypal hero appearing in legends, mythology, and nursery rhymes such as “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Jack Sprat”, “Jack and Jill”, “Jack Be Nimble” and others.

Jack is a well known part of British culture and is linked to many occupations, objects and actions such as: lumberjack, jackhammer, and jack-of-all-trades. Jack can also be found across English-speaking counties in music, cinema, exercise, food, drink and games.

The research, skill, knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment we put into each design are tailored to fit those who appreciate our mission to inspire, motivate, uplift, inform, entertain and unite people from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds.

When placing our logos, monograms, motifs and graphics onto comfortable garments, we do so with the intention of adding something new and exciting to the world of fashion.

The name Jack Fresh is the perfect fit for displaying a sense of awareness, transformation, history, and longevity.

Society made Jack, we made Jack Fresh.