We want to be deserving of respect from all of our staff, partners, customers and the wider public. Our ethical values define our actions with regard to our business relationships, customer relations, employees’ rights, environmental aspects and design printing.

Business Relations

Every business and professional relationship must reflect our obligation to honesty, integrity, social responsibility and legal regulations.

Fair Production Conditions

Jack Fresh requires its suppliers to provide fair work and production conditions within their capability. This includes, among other labour standards, the assured prevention of child labour and the guarantee of fair payment. To ensure these standards, we work with suppliers who bindingly sign a Social Code of Conduct, or provide similar binding assurances of their own. In addition, Jack Fresh works to gather detailed information about the supplier’s production conditions (Social Audit Reports, reports on local incidents tested by other textile processors).

Relationship with our Partners

We are committed to maintaining our relationships to our suppliers and other business partners and to fulfil our responsibility as a good customer.


We choose our suppliers and other business partners regarding their qualifications, their experience as well as other legitimate business interests. The selection must under no circumstances be affected by personal relationships or by the acceptance of any advantageous compensation.

Do Not Accept Illegal or Unethical Benefits or Payments

We strictly prohibit any payment or benefit offered by a third party that misleads consumers or partners and influences the recommendation, use or purchase of our products or services. We also prohibit our employees from accepting such payments or benefits from a partner, vendor or third party with the intention to influence our business.

Sustainability and Dedication

We are committed to supporting efforts to preserve our environment. Our team works to offer environmentally-friendly options across our product line and support recycling in production facilities.